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Frequently Asked Questions
1.     I just signed up for a Sacred Account. Now what?


First, you will fill out a brief questionnaire that will be emailed to you by our team.

Second, you will fill out the online life insurance application which will be sent directly by the insurance company that fits you best!

Third, you will e-sign for your application.

Fourth, you will complete a medical questionnaire which will also be sent directly from the insurance company.

Fifth, your application will be reviewed to determine if you need to have a medical exam done.

Sixth, if you need to have a medical exam done, you will be contacted by an examiner. If you don't need to do a medical exam, you will only need to submit an oral saliva swab sample which you will be contacted for via email by the insurance company.

Seventh, your medical exam/oral swab results will be reviewed.

Eighth, you will either be approved or denied for a life insurance policy. (If denied for medical, financial, or background reasons we will help you find someone else to place as the insured for your policy)

Ninth, we will design your illustrated values to show you how your policy will perform based on your approval status.

Tenth, once we dial in your illustrated values and design we will submit to the insurance company for final approval.

Eleventh, you will sign your online delivery documents accepting your policy and authorizing funds to be drafted.

Twelfth, you will fund your policy and begin using it!

This process can be as short as 4 weeks and as long as 6 months. We are helping you become your own bank, which is not always fast and easy, but the quicker you respond to our requests and get through each step, the shorter the time frame!

*If a client does not respond to us to complete their policy steps in a timely manner through the process then the insurer can cancel your application and you will have to pay another setup fee to restart it.

2.    How will you select the right insurance company for me?

Based on your goals and your questionnaire we will apply with the insurance company who can best design your policy.

Guardian is usually going to be best since they have the easiest application process, fastest medical exams, are more flexible, have additional growth options with their index rider, and have a more user friendly online client experience.

Mass Mutual is good when someone does not wish to put any extra money into their policy and values innovation, flexibility, and user friendliness for a company that has a slightly higher dividend and more in assets (which may be evidence of greater financial security, but is not a guarantee of it).

Ultimately they are both great companies and we objectively pick the one that is going to best serve you!

3.    What is the difference between the Sacred Account Lite and the Sacred Account Premium?

The Sacred Account Lite is a starter account. It has a setup fee of $250, a minimum monthly contribution of $250/mo and a maximum contribution of 15% of income. It can also only be funded for 10 years and then it no longer allows new contributions. Lastly, it does not come with any additional services. This account is best for those paying off debt.

The Sacred Account Premium is the full account. It has a setup fee that starts at $1800 and reduces down to $600 based on your contributions. The more you contribute, the lower the setup fee. It requires a minimum contribution of $500/mo and has a maximum contribution of 25% of income. I allows funding for the entire life of the policy, not just 10 years. It also includes 12 months of access to Wealth DynamX University, our Intermediate Study Volumes and Courses, access to our Wealth DynamX Telegram Group Chat, and access to exclusive webinars on Mondays and Wednesdays. This account is best for those building up reserves and investing for passive income.

If you have a Lite Account, you may request to upgrade to a premium account at any time.

4.    How do I access my account once it's been delivered and funded?

Scroll to the very top of this page and click on the button for the carrier your account is placed with. This will take you to their online account page. If you have not setup online access, select the option to setup online access. If you've done so already, just login!

Be sure to download the mobile app for your carrier as well so you can access your account from your smart phone!

5.    How do I take out a policy loan?

You can take your first loan within days of your policy being funded!

If you have setup online access, you will begin by logging into your online account. If you don't have online access, see the previous FAQ about setting up online access for your account first.

Once you've logged in, navigate the online account to the loan request area and click to begin an online loan application.

Most loans can be processed 100% online, while some loans based on your state, do require you to print and sign your loan forms before you can submit them.

If you have Guardian, you can typically request to have your loan ACH'd to your linked bank account.

If you have Mass Mutual you will have your loan mailed to you via check so you can deposit it in your bank.

6.    How long does my loan take until I receive the funds?

On your first loan request, expect it to take about 2 business weeks before you receive your funds. This is because your account is new and the insurance company is on alert to protect themselves against potential money laundering. They do this by holding the funds a little longer and paying closer attention to the transaction. Also, it is your first loan and they will also need to set your account up for loans being that you've never done one before which can also take some time.

When you take a loan, you will always receive loan documents and a confirmation. Please save these and also ensure you've completed the entire loan application.

If you aren't sure if your loan went through, call your insurance carrier with your policy number handy so you can ask them if your loan is being processed.

7.    How do I know my loan interest rate?

If you have Guardian, your loan interest rate is 6% annual simple interest.

If you have Mass Mutual, your loan interest rate is 5% annual simple interest.

8.    How do I pay my loan interest?

If you have Guardian, your loan interest is withheld from  your account at the time of your loan. Meaning they will withhold 6% of the amount you are borrowing at the time of your loan. You can pay your loan interest at any time and as you pay off your cash value loan, your interested is reimbursed to you on a pro rated basis. Ultimately if you are following our strategy of making monthly payments toward your loan, you will naturally pay off your loan interest with Guardian but you can pay it off early any time you like.

If you have Mass Mutual, your loan interest is due 1x per year on your policy anniversary date. You will receive a bill from Mass Mutual to pay your interest. If you do not pay it, an automatic loan will be taken from your cash value to pay your interest and you will need to repay your cash value loan.

9.    What is the difference between the interest rate of 5-6% and what Wealth DynamX advertises which is 1-3%?

If you take a loan and never repay it, you will pay 5-6% interest based on the fact that 100% of your loan balance is outstanding and accrued interest for the entire year it was outstanding. We do not recommend this.

If you take a loan and make monthly payments back from a debt you've paid off or an investment you've made, you will be paying down your loan balance on a monthly basis. By paying down your loan balance, you are reducing your outstanding principal which is what your loan interest is based on. Therefore if you've paid down your balance, your "rate" might be 5-6% but it is 5-6% of a continually smaller balance because you are paying it down. Because of this, you may actually pay closer to 1-3% in actual interest cost for the year depending on how quickly you are paying your loans off.

10.    How do I pay my loan back?

You can always login to your online portal and pay off all or just a portion of your loan.
You can also ask our team for a loan repayment form if you wish to setup recurring loan repayments on a scheduled monthly basis (we recommend this!)

Lastly, you can always call your insurance carrier directly and request a loan repayment over the phone. You will need to have your policy number handy!

Remember, if you are borrowing against your policy to pay off debt, we recommend taking whatever your old debt payment used to be and applying it to your cash value loan repayment on a monthly basis.

If you are borrowing from your cash value to invest for passive income, we recommend taking the passive income you earn and applying that toward loan repayment on a monthly basis.

11.    What happens if I don't pay my loan back?

If you choose not to repay your loan, your cash value will be reduced by the outstanding loan amount. It will still earn dividends and interest while the loan is outstanding. When you pass away, your outstanding loan will be subtracted from your death benefit.

If you do not repay your loan interest it will be borrowed from your existing cash value and increase the size of your outstanding policy loan.

We highly recommend paying back your loans on a scheduled monthly basis and always paying off your policy interest at least annually.

Just because you own the gas station doesn't mean it makes financial sense to fill up on free gas!

12.    How do I add money to my policy?

If you have Guardian, you will simply login to your account and select the option for Paid Up Additions. You will be able to select the amount you want to add online on your account and transfer money from your bank account to your policy usually within 1 business week. You can add additional money as many times as you want with no medical exams or new applications for insurance. Remember to stay below your MEC line. If you attempt to add more than your MEC line, Guardian will display a warning message and allow you to cancel  your transaction so that you can reduce your contributions to be below the MEC line.

If you have Mass Mutual, you will need to fill out a new application for life insurance and possibly do a new medical exam to add more money to your policy. This can usually be done 1x per year.

In order to know how much you can put into your account,  you will need to refer to the original illustration that our team gave you at the time of your policy delivery. You can also call your insurance company directly to ask for this information.

13.    What happens if I accidentally MEC my policy?

Don't worry this is not the end of the world. If you accidentally MEC your policy, email our team right away! We can have your transaction reversed and un-MEC your policy. We usually have 30 days to correct this.

Sometimes you may accidentally contribute too much and MEC your policy and sometimes your insurance carrier may even have a glitch that causes your policy to display as a MEC. In either instance, contact us and we will help you get it corrected.

*A MEC means that your policy is now taxable. This is not a good thing and so that is why we want to avoid it.

You can find out your MEC limit by looking at your policy document, initial illustration, online account, and/or contacting your carrier or your agent to inquire.

14.    How much of my additional contributions will be available in cash value right away?

Usually 90-95%!

Unlike your standard monthly or annual contributions, which may only provide 70-90% liquidity, Paid Up Additions provide 90-95% liquidity.

Keep in mind if you have Guardian, you will have 95% liquidity on your Paid Up Additions, but Guardian will also withhold your 6% interest on any loan request you make giving you about 89% of  your Paid Up Addition as a loan.

15.    How does my policy grow?

As we will cover when we do your final delivery, your life insurance policy grows with a combination of guaranteed dividends, surplus dividends, and cash value guaranteed interest.

You can expect to see a 3-5% taxable equivalent compounding annual growth rate over the life of your policy.

Remember, 3-5% is the annualized average over the life of the policy, which means starting out you may see 1-2% taxable equivalent growth in some years and as your policy builds some years you may even see 6-7% taxable equivalent growth. But when you factor the average over the life of your policy it will typically average out to a 3-5% taxable equivalent compounding annual growth rate.

Your cash value may fluctuate up throughout the year based on the guaranteed interest rate and on your policy anniversary date you will be credited your earned dividends.

16.    How does the insurance company make their money to afford to pay me a dividend?

The insurance company makes money on premiums collected, loan interest from policies, other financial products they sell, other businesses they own, and investments they've made.

Mass Mutual has over $300 billion in assets which churn out income for them to pay dividends. Mass Mutual has paid out a dividend every single year since 1869.

Guardian has over $62 billion in assets which churn out income for them to pay dividends. Guardian has paid a dividend every single year since 1868.

Remember, as a policyholder you are a shareholder in the insurance company. So when they are profitable you receive a portion of that profit as an owner which is credited to your cash value as dividends and interest.

17.    How can I track my policy growth?

Policy growth cannot be tracked via your online portal or your statement.

You may see a dollar amount for your dividend on your online portal or on your annual statement but this only reflects the surplus dividend and does not take into account the guaranteed dividend nor the guaranteed interest rate on your cash value.

To track your policy growth, you can request an "in-force" policy illustration at the end of your 2nd policy anniversary date. This gives your policy enough time to begin growing and making money. It still grows the first 2 years, but the the "in force" illustration will most clearly show this growth at the end of the 2nd policy year.

Policy growth is credited annually on your policy anniversary date. 

18.    What if I can't pay my premiums? Can I lower them?

First, when we setup your policy, we want you to think with worst case scenarios and commit to a comfortable number because we can always add more. As you'll see here, it is easier to put more money into a policy than to reduce your contributions.

If for some reason you cannot pay your premiums though there are a few things you can do!

1. You can take a policy loan to cover your premiums and pay yourself back later.

2. You have a 1 month grace period where you can miss 1 month and then double up the next month

3. You can change your billing mode from monthly to quarterly or annually where you can pre pay your premiums out of your cash value and then not have to pay again for 3 or 6 months (in 3 or 6 months you will owe premiums for the next 3 or 6 months though so make sure you have cash built up!)

4. You switch your policy to "reduced paid up" meaning the internal dividends and interest earned cover the policy premiums so you don't have to (usually it takes 3-5 years before a policy is in the position to do this and it does significantly reduce policy performance compared to continuing to fund it)

5. You can request to have your policy premiums lowered. This is the last and most difficult option as it essentially requires an entirely new application for insurance.

We rarely ever see clients who cannot pay their premiums and if we work together on the design of the policy this risk can easily be avoided.

19.    What if I don't want to put anymore money into my policy? Can I cancel it?

Sure! Although we don't recommend cancelling it because you will lose out on the future growth of all of your contributions.

First, if you feel this way, there may be something you are misunderstanding about the function of saving money and its place in your personal finances. You will always save money and it comes down to where you are saving it!

The benefit of the Sacred Account is your money grows at 3-5% while your borrow against it at 1-3%, tax free. To cancel this system would mean you lose out on double dipping and having your money growing in 2 places at once.

What we recommend is we clear up how your policy works, what your goals are, why you signed up in the first place, and how your policy can be used to achieve your goals.

If you still want to stop contributing then we can set your policy to "Reduced Paid Up" where the dividends and interest growth cover the ongoing premiums in your policy. This way you can still enjoy the benefits of borrowing against your policy while it still grows tax free without having to add anything else into it!

*Setting your policy to Reduced Paid Up will slow down policy performance compared to continuing to contribute to it.

20.    How much should I allocate to the Guardian Index Participation Rider?

This is entirely up to you!

If you have Guardian, you can select something called the Index Participation Rider. This rider allows you to participate in some of the upside of the S&P 500 stock market without actually being invested in the stock market or carrying any market risk. It tracks the performance of the stock market and credits your cash value a portion of that performance. If the performance of the stock market does better than the Guaranteed Dividend Rate on your policy you will get the stock market performance. If the performance of the stock market does worse than he Guaranteed Dividend Rate, you will still get the Guaranteed Dividend Rate.

You cannot lose money to stock market downturns with this rider. But activating it does carry a fee of 2% annually on the portion you've allocated to the rider. This can cause extra cost on your policy in a year where the stock market does not perform well and you only get the Guaranteed Dividend Rate.

You can allocate any percentage you like to this rider, up to 100% allocation and you can also elect to change it any time as well. Any change elected will take effect on your policy anniversary date.

So if you like to have some or all of your cash value growth based on the stock market you can elect to do so. If you want to stay entirely out of the stock market growth index and just enjoy the performance of the Guaranteed and Surplus Dividend rates you can choose to do that too!

21.    Can I change my dividend options on my online account so my dividends buy more insurance or cover my loan interest?


When you login to your account you will see that this is an option. No touchy! Doing this will MEC your policy and cause major issues. Your policy is designed in a very specific and perfect way. If any factors are changed on this option it will throw off the entire design and be a literal mess for our team and for you to fix.

22.    On my Guardian Account I see weird transactions like "premium reimbursements" and other acronyms I don't understand. What do they mean?
These can be disregarded. These are internal accounting measures and terms used by Guardian's accounting and actuarial team. Although they are visible to you they are not intended for you. They are intended to be used internally as a record keeping and transaction system. Just ignore these and don't worry about them!
23.    Can I have more than 1 Sacred Account?


If you wish to have more than 1 we recommend opening them in this order:

1. Max out a Sacred Account on yourself

2. Max out a Sacred Account on your significant other

3. Max out a Sacred Account on your children

4. Max out a Sacred Account on your immediate family members

5. Max out a Sacred Account on your employees

In order to open a Sacred Account on somebody else, you must have Insurable Interest, which means there must be a familial or economic reason for you to have life insurance coverage on them. If you do not have it on yourself first (as long as you do qualify) we cannot help you open a policy on someone else.

If you own a policy on someone else, they are only the insured. They cannot access your cash value or make changes to your policy. Only you can do that as the owner.

24.    How do I pay off debt with my Sacred Account?

1. Line up all of your debts smallest balance to largest balance

2. Pay only the minimum payments on each debt

3. Put ALL of your excess money into your Sacred Account

4. Once your cash value available is as large as your smallest debt, take a policy loan

5. Pay off your smallest debt with your policy loan

6. Take the old payment you used to make on the debt you paid off and pay it toward your policy loan repayment on monthly auto pay

7. Continue to both contribute to your Sacred Account via your premium and repay your outstanding policy loan via your old monthly debt payment

8. Once your available cash value is large enough to pay off your next smallest debt, repeat steps 5-7

This is the case with ALL debts whether it be credit cards, auto loans, furniture loans, lines of credit, medical debt, student debt, friends and family loans, tax debt, etc.

25.    How do I make large purchases with my Sacred Account (vehicles, etc)?

1. Determine the price of the item you are going to purchase

2. Save into your Sacred Account until you have enough in available cash value to purchase the item

3. Take a policy loan for the amount of the item

4. Purchase the item

5. Make a payment to yourself monthly to pay off your policy loan (we recommend a monthly loan repayment of 2% of the purchase price of the item. Example: $50,000 vehicle. 2% of $50,000 is $1000. Make a $1000 monthly payment toward your cash value loan repayment until your loan is paid back)

26.    How do I invest for passive income with the Sacred Account?

1. Pay off ALL of your consumer debt other than the mortgage.

2. Have 6 months of reserves in your Sacred Account

3. In addition to the 6 months of reserves, save another $50,000 in cash value

4. Borrow out the $50,000 (do not touch your 6 months of reserves)

5. Invest the $50,000 in a passive income producing deal (we can connect you with those at no cost!)

6. Earn monthly passive income from the investment

7. Pay 100% of your passive income back toward policy loan repayment

8. Repeat steps 3-7

27.    I am having issues with my online account or other technical issues. What should I do?

Wealth DynamX cannot help with technical issues, online access issues, or other bugs like this.

You will need to call your insurance company directly to have these addressed.

Call Guardian at: 1 (212) 598-8000

Call Mass Mutual at: 1-800-272-2216

Make sure when you call you have your policy number ready or your social security number for identification.

28.    What if I need to change my beneficiary?

To do this you can login to your online portal and select the option to change your beneficiary. You will fill out an online form and submit it for the final change.

You can also call your insurance company directly to ask for the paper form for the beneficiary change.

29.    What happens to my cash value if I die?

Your life insurance policies has two values.

1. The value at death. This is often referred to as your death benefit and you only get access to this if you die.

2. The value while living. This is often referred to as your cash value and you only get access to this while you're living.

If you die, the insurance company will pay out your death benefit to your beneficiary tax-free, minus any cash value loans.

If you live, the insurance company will give you access to your cash value tax-free, minus any cash value loans.

You do not get either of these simultaneously as they exist exclusive of on another.

30.    What happens if I don't download my life insurance e-policy document or I misplace the physical copy of it?

When you accept delivery of your life insurance policy, you will be given opportunity to download it to your computer. Do that immediately because you will not get the opportunity to do so again.

If you requested a physical copy and misplaced it you can call your insurance company directly and request another copy.

31.    Are my premiums tax deductible?
32.    Is my loan interest tax deductible?
Not ordinarily unless structured properly. Please see consult your tax professional on the specifics of writing off life insurance loan interest for business and/or investment expense under the Internal Revenue Code.
33.    I don't really have any problems or specific questions, but how can I know more about the Sacred Account?

If you are generally curious about how the Sacred Account works, read all of these FAQ's. You will get quite a bit of education just from doing that.

Secondly, login to your Wealth DynamX University portal and go through The Sacred Account Course. If you don't have a Wealth DynamX University Membership get a free trial by clicking here.

34.    I have a question or problem that isn't listed here. What should I do?

We would love to get all of the details relating to your question and help you solve it!

Please click here and fill out the form with as much detail as possible so we can assist you!

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